Janet Munro MA BA DRSAM Soprano/Singing Teacher

Specialist in Classical and Musical Theatre Voice

"The only thing better than singing is more singing" Ella Fitzgerald



Do you want to learn to sing? Most people love to sing whether as a soloist, member of a choir or even in the bath! Singing is a relaxing enjoyable activity which also offers many health benefits. Having singing lessons will enhance your voice and give you the opportunity of learning new songs and repertoire.

"I don't sing because I am happy; I am happy because I sing" William James


Are you interested in having singing lessons? Whether you are a professional performer, up and coming artist or an amateur singer having lessons will allow you to achieve your goals and potential. If you are singing in either a professional or semi-professional capacity regular lessons are part of your vocal toolkit.


"He who sings frightens away his ills"




Singers come in all shapes and sizes and it is never too late to learn to sing. Regular lessons will provide you with the feedback that you need to continue developing. If you sing in a choir, why not have some lessons and see how much you improve.

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